Voted "Best Chinese Take-out in Milwaukee"
-The Shepherd Express, 2004

"Best Chinese Food, Best Comfort Food, Best Take-out"
-Milwaukee City's Best, AOL City Guide, 2004

"Best Chinese Restaurant"
-Milwaukee Magazine Reader's Choice, 2000

"Milwaukee Best Restaurants"
-Dennis Getto, 1998

"25 Best Restaurants"
-Anne Christenson, Milwaukee Magazine, 1997

"Top 30 Milwaukee Best Restaurants"
-Dennis Getto, Milwaukee Journal, 1996

"The Finest Restaurants in the World"
-Chicago Ochsner Pocket Guide Book, 1994-1995

Reader's Choice Awards "Best Chinese"
Milwaukee Magazine, 1994

Reader's Choice Awards "Milwaukee's Favorite Restaurants"
-Willard Romantini, Milwaukee Magazine, 1993

"North America's Top-Rated Chefs"
-Nominated by the Chicago Chefs Committee, 1993

"Critic's All-Time Favorite Restaurant"
-William Romantini, Milwaukee Magazine, 1992

"Top 25 Milwaukee Best Restaurants"
-Dennis Getto, Milwaukee Journal, 1991

Reader's Choice Awards "Best Asian Food"
-Milwaukee Magazine, 1990

"Milwaukee Best Restaurants"
-Dennis Getto, Milwaukee Journal, 1990

"Top 25"
-Dennis Getto, Milwaukee Journal, 1988 and 1989

"Milwaukee Best Restaurants"
-Dennis Getto, Milwaukee Journal, 1987

"Milwaukee Top 25 Restaurant"
-Dennis Getto, Milwaukee Journal, 1986

"Top 25 Restaurants in Milwaukee"
-Dennis Getto, Milwaukee Journal, 1985

"The combination of high quality food, fair prices and the pleasant atmosphere still is Milwaukee's best oriental food bet."
-William Romantini, Milwaukee Magazine, 1985

"Best Chinese"
-Willard Romantini, Milwaukee Magazine, 1984

"Pull it all together and the East Garden has all the elements of a good restaurant"
-Alex Thien, Milwaukee Sentinel, 1983

"The only Chinese restaurant to get a 4 hat rating on food"
-Dennis Getto, Milwaukee Journal, 1983

East Garden is one of the "only 3 restaurants to have received the highest rating."
-Dennis Getto, Milwaukee Journal, 1983
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